Today’s Specials 7.30.15


Friday’s Specials

Available after 11AM

Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich: Pulled rotisserie chicken with sliced tomatoes, baby spinach, cheddar cheese and honey mustard on a toasted kaiser roll 8.95 

Black Truffle Cheese Steak: Sautéed beef tenders with fried onions, shaved black truffles and melted fontina cheese on a toasted seeded roll 12.00 

Watermelon Salad: Cubed watermelon with baby arugula, shaved ricotta salata cheese, jalapeno, fresh mint, red onion and red wine vinaigrette 10.95 

Fish Taco: Grilled marinated tilapia with shredded cabbage, salsa and chipotle sauce in two flour tortillas 10.00

Heirloom Tomato Sandwich: Sliced local heirloom tomatoes with baby spinach, fresh mozzarella cheese, black forest prosciutto and mayonnaise on a toasted multigrain bread 9.75

Fries: Fresh cut Idaho potato French fries 4.00, Tater Tots 4.00

Soups: Vegetable Gazpacho (V, GF) Summer Grilled Chicken & Vegetable 4.00 (Sm), 6.50 (Lg)

V = Vegan, GF =Gluten Free, VG =Vegetarian, DF= Dairy Free, N= Contains Nuts